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    20 Tips to Improve Your Product Pages

    PumpUp offers 20 tips for building an effective product and thus improving your conversion rate.

    1 - Waterline

    The waterline is the imaginary line that defines the visible part of a website before the user scrolls through the site.

    It is therefore important to put the important information above this line. Your visitors are spread over many screen resolutions, so one must be very attentive to the height of your pages .

    The average height of the waterline depending on the screen resolution:
    Screen resolution => height of the waterline
    1024 * 768px => 560px 1280 * 1024px => 820px screen resolution most common 1600 * 1080px => 880px 1920 * 1200px => 1000px

    2 - Visual high quality product

    The product is the main component of the product. It should offer the user quality images that will entice him/her to purchase your product.

    3 - Highlighting promotions

    Providing visuals of your product is a key element of the product page, it is advisable to have your promotions viewable at this point to make them visible to the greatest number of users.

    4 - Ability to zoom into the visual product

    Suggest the ability to zoom so that the user can better appreciate the details .

    5 - Several different visual products

    Multiply the visual because some products need to be analyzed in all facets.

    6 - Clear and readable navigation

    The main menu of a site must contain between 4 and 7 elements in order to facilitate navigation.

    7 - Search Engine

    The presence of a search engine promotes the satisfaction of users and allows them to quickly find what they are looking for.

    8 - Optimize the product title

    Highlight a relevant and concise title.

    9 - Attractive product description

    The objective is to inform the visitor about the specific characteristics of the product.

    10 - Availability and delivery information

    Product availability and delivery details must be clearly displayed. This allows the user to make sure he/she will quickly receive the product and thus encourages the purchase.

    11 - Variations and product attributes

    Highlight the variations of the same product and the required attributes for the act of purchase (size, quantity).

    12 - Price

    The price should have maximum visibility, the user must be able to find it immediately. If the product is on promotion it is appropriate to highlight the amount saved.

    13 - Attractive add to cart button

    This must be differentiated from the rest of the page, it must be visible and attractive to encourage the user to begin the purchase process.

    14 - Elements of reinsurance

    The elements of reinsurance as means of payment, conditions of return, help give credibility to the company and thus encourages the purchase.

    15 - Cross selling

    Cross selling can offer online shoppers a range of complementary products. This helps to increase the amount of the average basket.

    16 - Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are a source of additional feedback that can be useful for the user. In fact he/she can develop an opinion on a product based on feedback from previous buyers.

    17 - Social Sharing

    Social sharing buttons can offer you the free advertising on various social networks.

    18 - Send to a friend

    A message from a friend is not to be ignored because a user will be interested in a link sent by a friend as an advertisement.

    19 - Live chat

    To respond to your customers directly regarding your online store can be a reinsurance asset.

    20 - Breadcrumb

    The breadcrumb navigation is important to the customer as well as for search engines.

    It provides easy navigation for the user, which gives them the opportunity to go up one or more levels in the different menus and different product categories.

    Our experts at PumpUp accompany you in reflection and implementation of Product Pages optimized for conversion.

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