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    12 Tips to increase the average basket of your e-commerce site

    Following the crisis and the Increase in online transactions and the number of e-commerce sites,  There Was a fall in the average basketball buyer.  It was 85 euros in the first quarter of 2013, resulted in All All which an 8% decrease  over two years .

    As a result,  PumpUp offers 12 tips to Increase your average basketball  (average value of Purchases Makes your customers on your site.)

    1 Product visibility and simple ergonomics : clear and easy for all kinds of buyers.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2504" align = "AlignCenter" width = "319"]  Sarenza - clear ErgonomicsSarenza - clear Ergonomics [/ caption]

    2 Formula Purchase in 3 clicks.   : reaching for the basket, try not to remove the product pages from the cart page (so as not to complicate the purchasing process).

    [Caption id = "attachment_2521" align = "AlignCenter" width = "540"]  Herschel - Formula 3 clicksHerschel - Formula 3 clicks [/ caption]

    3. Free shipping   DEPENDING on the value of the basket. For example, When the customer Reaches a value of € 70 basketball, we can Consider Supporting free shipping. Then buyers seek to reach this Amount in order to save shipping costs.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2506" align = "AlignCenter" width = "472"]  Fnac - free shippingFnac - free shipping [/ caption]

    4. A merchandising line   and Advises That supports the customer on the products Throughout the purchase process with a helpline Clearly visible on site.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2519" align = "AlignCenter" width = "375"]  Jfc wellness - Merchandising OnlineJfc wellness - Merchandising Online [/ caption]

    5.  Cross-selling  are used to Provide complementary products already selected to encourage users to add items to i Their sneakers.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2507" align = "AlignCenter" width = "472"]  Amazon - Cross-sellingAmazon - Cross-selling [/ caption]

    6.  Suggest a comparator   if it is feasible for Some Products That so customers can compare the specifications and prices the for each product.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2508" align = "AlignCenter" width = "457"]  HP - CompareHP - Compare [/ caption]

    7.  Technique of Selling Up   :  a product is to offer users Who Have already selected, the more technical models and top quality. This is to inform your customers of your Both wide-range and your products and also encouraged em to Increase Their capacity sneakers.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2509" align = "AlignCenter" width = "367"]  The Exception - Up SellingThe Exception - Up Selling [/ caption]

    8.  Code or Gift:   offer your customers coupon codes and promotions from time to time to make 'em happy and encourage' em to buy more on your site.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2518" align = "AlignCenter" width = "363"]  Disney Store - GiftDisney Store - Gift [/ caption]

    . 9  products in 3D:  Some websites offer Their products in 3D (virtual store), advanced technology but very profitable.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2516" align = "AlignCenter" width = "373"]  HTC - Visual 3dHTC - Visual 3d [/ caption]

    . 10  Product description:  it must be quite detailed the the for each product.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2515" align = "AlignCenter" width = "371"]  Dell - Product DescriptionDell - Product Description [/ caption]

    . 11  Product Image:  offer multiple pictures in high definition quality.

    [Caption id = "attachment_2511" align = "AlignCenter" width = "387"]  Decathlon - Product Image HDDecathlon - Product Image HD [/ caption]

    12.  Methods of payment:  Indicate the security of the payment methods (logo)

    [Caption id = "attachment_2513" align = "AlignCenter" width = "381"]  12.Lamodeuse-paiementsecuriséThe Modeuse - Secure payment [/ caption]

    Finally and in order to visualize the evolution of the average basketball  PumpUp offers various solutions to assist you in this optimization.
    If you are interested do not hesitate to contact the experts at  PumpUp  to turn your visitors into customers!

    Fevad www.fevad.com
    1 - Sarenza www.sarenza.com
    2 - H  erschel    www.herschelsupply.com
    3 -  Fnac    www.fnac.com
    4 -  Jfc welfare   www.jfc-bienetre.com
    5 - www.amazon.fr Amazon
    6 -  HP   www8.hp.com/fr/fr/home.html
    7 -  The Exception   www.lexception.com/fr/
    8 -  Disney Store  www.disneystore.fr
    9 - HTC www.htc.com/fr/
    10 -  Dell   www.dell.fr
    11 -  Decathlon  www.decathlon.fr
    12 -  HAS Modeuse  www.lamodeuse.com



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